We thank you for your continuing support for and interest in our company. Since our company's foundation on jun, 1979 year.

Hyundae has concentrated on jacquard loom parts. We have successfully Comber board, Comber board frame, Harness cord, Span set, Guide board, Wire heald, Electronic jacquard nozzle etc in jacquard loom parts, for which the domestic industry had completely relied on imports.

This development was one of the key industrial tasks of the Small & Medium Business Association. Hyundae will continue producing state-of-the-art equipment of higher quality than imported products.

To reinforce our country's textile industry, Hyundae will make utmost efforts to become a leading name in the field, with advanced technology and a solid financial foundation.

Thank you very much.

President. Yoon, Joing Yul


ADDRESS : #44-120, Ihyun-dong Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea

TEL : 82-53-559-8700~1   FAX : 82-53-559-8702

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Main products: Spring set, Span set, Harness cord, Comberboard, Guide board etc.

1979. Jun | Company establishment
1987. Mar | Jaquard span, Spring construction start
1990. Mar | Vietnam, Indonesia, China, etc span the export business start
2001. Feb | Company move and increase
          Feb | Electronic jacquard harness, Spring set, Tube, Comber board production
          Feb | STAUBLI, BONAS, GROSEE Electronic jacquard nozzle production
          Feb | Southeast Asia, Europe electronic jacquard parts (Harness Cords, Spring, Tube, Comber board, Guide board, Nozzle, etc) Export
2003. May | Exhibition Daegu KORTEX 2003
2004. Apr | Exhibition Indonesia BANDUNGTEX 2004
          Oct | Exhibition China CITME 2004
2005. Jun | Exhibition China SHANGHAITEX 2005
          Jun | Acquisition ISO 9001 Quality certification
          Aug | Establishment brance office at Chinese
2006. Jul | Exhibition China SHANGHAITEX 2006
2007. Apr | Establishment branch office at Hangzhou
          Jul | Exhibition China SHANGHAITEX 2008
2008. Jun | SONGDO WIRE HEALD Co, mergers and acquisitions
2009. Oct | Shuttle loom general harness cords development




Harness cord



Machine Assemble

#44-120, Ihyeon-dong Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea.  TEL : 82-53-559-8700~1   FAX : 82-53-559-8702